Mental Health Resources On Campus

Being a college student is an amazing experience. Meeting new people, joining new organizations, and attending class are all components that make post-secondary education so great. The stress associated with balancing all of this, however, can take a tole on one’s...

Where to Get Your Caffeine On Campus

During my past three years at the University of Arkansas I have learned that the one thing I cannot live without is coffee. Lucky for me there are ten places on campus that serve great coffee all the time. I have visited all of these locations and will be going into...

Parent and Family Ambassadors

Learn more about a great way for your student to make money on campus while growing their leadership skills and gaining memorable experiences!

Get an A+ with CLASS+

Being a college student is amazing, however, your student will come to find that it is a bit different than high school. The classes are more challenging, and the workload is heavier. Fortunately, the University of Arkansas has the Center for Learning and Student...

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